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American Mary review

Written and Directed by Jen and Sylvia SoskaSo great to see a homegrown horror with some new ideas. And especially good to see Ginger Snaps' Katherine Isabelle again on the big screen.The new ideas in the Soska twins' film are front-loaded. We start with Mary, a medical student who seems to really know her stuff,…Read More

Stoker review

Directed by Park Chan-WookWritten by Wentworth Miller and Erin Cressida WilsonA little like if Dark Shadows was played totally straight, Stoker is a concoction both fluffy and gothic, a self-conscious Hitchcock pastiche that dances on the edge of camp before eventually becoming the thing it pretends to be. Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy and Thirst are the Korean director's films I've…Read More

Prometheus review

Directed by Ridley ScottWritten by Jon Spaihts and Damon LindelofI didn't have much faith that this would work. Prequels long after the fact—and 33 years is pretty damn long—rarely do. Filmmakers change. The hunger that defined Scott's early work, tales of his perfectionism on set and the stylistic rigour so evident in his films, some…Read More

Hobo With A Shotgun review

Directed by Jason EisenerWritten by Eisener and John DaviesThis is a tough movie for me to review. It was made in my town, starring an actor I've idolized since I was a kid, Rutger Hauer. I've interviewed the director on a number of occasions, most recently in this week's Coast cover story, which you can…Read More