About Us

Who we are

Halifax Bloggers is a dynamic, interactive online magazine for the city of Halifax and the wider region of Nova Scotia, populated by a community of the best local bloggers, writing about a range of topics from a local perspective. In addition to several featured blogs, we have a network of regular contributors and guest bloggers from across the province, and a brand new local event listing. We also publish the annual Local Wishlist.

Why we’re here

Since our launch in May 2014, we’ve built a solid relationship with our large and loyal audience. After eight years of listening to and engaging with our readers, we feel that we understand what they want and need. As we continue to shape and grow Halifax Bloggers, we’ll be developing it with them in mind.

We’re also committed to supporting the individual voices of our bloggers, and their freedom of content creation. It’s this originality and freedom that makes blogging such a powerful medium for building relationships with our audiences.

Our Team

Kate Kirkpatrick, Owner/Editor
Michael Judge, Owner/Developer

Special thanks to founding members Rachel, Rocio, Karl, and Brenden for all of their outstanding work in Halifax Bloggers’ earliest days.


Do you want to get in touch with us about an idea, event or opportunity? Are you a Nova Scotia blogger or writer with original local content that you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you. Send Kate an email: [email protected].