About Us

What this is all about

Halifax Bloggers is a dynamic, interactive, and constantly-updating online lifestyle magazine made for Halifax, and those who admire us from afar, by the people who live here.

We’re a network and community of high-quality, regularly posting local bloggers writing about a range of topics from a local perspective. It’s a one-stop online location for meaningful, original local content by Halifax’s most engaged blogging collective.

What we believe

Halifax Bloggers was founded under the simple principle that working together, high quality bloggers can achieve more. Therefore, a core value of Halifax Bloggers is mutual support, open collaboration, and the promotion of originality and quality.

We appreciate and will always strive to retain the individual voices of our bloggers and freedom of content creation, as it is this originality and freedom that makes blogging such a powerful medium for building relationships with our audiences.

Our Team

Kate Kirkpatrick, Owner/Editor
Michael Judge, Owner/Developer

Special thanks to founding members Rachel, Rocio, Karl, and Brenden for all of their outstanding work in Halifax Bloggers’ earliest days.


Do you want to get in touch with us about an idea, event or opportunity? Are you a Nova Scotia blogger or writer with original local content that you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you. Send Kate an email: [email protected].