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Mad Max Fury Road: Black And Chrome

Still jockeying for position on my list of the Best of 2015 is Mad Max: Fury Road, a movie that set my hair on fire each of the three times I've seen it. Here's an interesting experiment, inspired by something the director, George Miller, said: A black and white version with an isolated soundtrack. Iconic stuff,…Read More

Mad Max: Fury Road gets a trailer

This weekend was the San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest event in geek culture. Typically, it's when Hollywood studios preview their upcoming slate of fantasy and genre pictures. I gather the panel for and clips from Avengers: Age of Ultron (coming in April 2015) were pretty impressive. But what I'm probably most excited about is the first Mad…Read More

Mark Palermo on film pacing

Fast & Furious 6 wasn't quite fast enoughMy former film-reviewing colleague at The Coast, indie movie director and now a fully fledged Hollywood screenwriter, Mark Palermo lets it rip in this post on feature films that overstay their welcome.I am very much down with his thoughts on respecting the rhythm of a story and not extending just…Read More

AO Scott reviews Pain & Gain

I love it when certain highbrow reviewers stoop to admit they like some well-made trash. This line made me genuinely laugh out loud:"The movie and, by implication, those of us watching it are no better than these guys. I found that unspeakably insulting and also impressive."Here's a link to the full review at the New…Read More