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Stray review — It’s the dog’s life

Directed by Elizabeth Lo | 72 min | Carbon Arc Cinema  Five years ago when an audience could gather together in person in the screening room at the Museum Of Natural History on Summer Street,  Carbon Arc Cinema programmed a documentary called Kedi about cats living on the streets of Istanbul. A delight for feline…Read More

#HBFF review: Shaina

Directed by Beautie Masvaure Alt | Written by Wanisai Chigwendere | 97 min | at the Halifax Black Film Festival 2021, running through Sunday The HBFF opening film is a Zimbabwean YA drama, telling the story of a 16-turning-17-year-old Shine (Wilmah Munemera). She more than bright, she's quietly brilliant, with dreams of going to university…Read More

Top 15 Films of 2020

Every year I assemble a list of the 10 best feature films (and sometimes documentaries) I saw in the past 12 months, and with it an accompanying collection of 10  "Under-The-Radar" pictures — the more peculiar, less mainstream, hidden gems worth seeking out. I figure that list could be more useful to a cinephile looking…Read More