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Oscar Talk with Portia Clark on The Knox Office!

This week my film column on CBC, The Knox Office, goes into a few of the 2023 Academy Award nominations in advance of Sunday evening's ceremony. If you're interested in my takes on the acting nods, the writing awards, director and picture, click here or copy and paste this url into a browser: Full…Read More

The Knox Office opens on CBC Radio

Regular readers of FLAW IN THE IRIS will probably know I do a lot of work for CBC Radio in Halifax as a producer on Current Affairs shows. Starting today I'm the new film reviewer for CBC Information Morning, and will be on the show every two weeks or so, chatting with host, Portia Clark.…Read More

2022 Academy Awards Predictions

First off I should say that I'm not generally someone who wins the Oscar ballot. I let my heart lead me to some unlikely places, and then get disappointed by the inevitable political victories. And there are plenty of other professional prognosticators paid to pontificate on potential prize-winners if you'd care to peruse their predictions.…Read More

Academy Award Nominations #Reaction

The nominations for the '22 Academy Awards dropped on Tuesday morning, and as with every Hollywood awards season there were expectations met and expectations dashed. There's also the few naysayers who took to social media to say these awards are antiquated and irrelevant. They groused. They whined. They said, "Who cares?" That question's been asked…Read More

The 2021 Academy Awards: The Weirdest Ever?

If you're a movie nut — and you probably are if you're visiting this somewhat obsessive film review site — then you'll know this has been a most unusual awards season. This year's Oscars, airing on Sunday night, April 25th, have been extended two months from their usual late-February date, and with cinemas in most…Read More