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Sanctuary review — A bonded pair

Directed by Zachary Wigon | Written by Micah Bloomberg | 96 min |▲▲▲▲△ | Amazon Prime When Rebecca (Margaret Qualley) walks into a hotel room where Hal (Christopher Abbott) is staying, she's wearing a blonde wig so patently awful right away you'll wonder about her bona fides. Apparently she's there to interview him about insurance…Read More

Tara Thorne’s Compulsus screens in Halifax

 Written and Directed by Tara Thorne | 80 min | Screening at Carbon Arc Cinema  A version of this post first appeared on the blog in September 2022 during coverage of the Atlantic International Film Festival — this week the fest having shrugged off that awkward, unloved tag, FIN.  So, this isn't a proper review…Read More