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It wasn't an easy decision, but my esteemed co-host, writer and cinephile Stephen Cooke and I have chosen to end our long-running movie podcast, LENS ME YOUR EARS. The timing has to do with professional changes in my life, primarily — more about that in the weeks to come — and with Stephen's new work…Read More

The Knox Office: Barbenheimer!

On Thursday I spent five hours in the dark out at Bayers Lake... and on Friday morning I was on CBC Information Morning with my semi-regular movie review column, the Knox Office. This time I spoke with Preston Mulligan about the weekend's two big blockbusters — Barbie and Oppenheimer. To listen to the conversation, click…Read More

LENS ME YOUR EARS Update: June 2023

Stephen Cooke and I have been busy with our film podcast. On Tuesday, June 27, at 5pm, our newest episode airs on CKDU 88.1FM in Halifax, but it's already available on your favourite podcast platform. On this most recent episode we watch Seven By Seven, seven movies we missed by seven great filmmakers, including work…Read More

The Knox Office: June counterprogramming

Yes, I read the news, too: Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts won the weekend box office, taking the prize from Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse. I wondered on social media who still cares about this toy robot franchise. Apparently, quite a few people wanted to see Transformers 7. On Friday I reopened The Knox Office on…Read More

2023 Canadian Screen Awards

I feel for the folks putting this event on. It takes place over a few days, with some TV and journalism awards handed out in advance of the film awards that are announced tonight, and television drama and comedy awards coming tomorrow. My sympathies lie with the organizers because it always seems like it's a…Read More

Oscar Talk with Portia Clark on The Knox Office!

This week my film column on CBC, The Knox Office, goes into a few of the 2023 Academy Award nominations in advance of Sunday evening's ceremony. If you're interested in my takes on the acting nods, the writing awards, director and picture, click here or copy and paste this url into a browser: Full…Read More