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The 2021 Academy Awards: The Weirdest Ever?

If you're a movie nut — and you probably are if you're visiting this somewhat obsessive film review site — then you'll know this has been a most unusual awards season. This year's Oscars, airing on Sunday night, April 25th, have been extended two months from their usual late-February date, and with cinemas in most…Read More

Cineplex Cinemas reopen in Nova Scotia… again

Back in the second week of February I reported that our regional multiplexes were reopening after a few months of health and safety-required closure. Another, brief spike in the infection numbers closed them again. Looks like they're giving it another shot. Fingers crossed they'll stay open this time. Here's a heads-up on a few notable…Read More

Carbon Arc Cinema Update: March 2021

The ongoing pandemic has forced Halifax's independent cinema series Carbon Arc to shift its screenings into the virtual space. Virtual Cinema isn't the same as gathering together on Friday nights to enjoy the best international features and documentaries, but it has allowed us on the programming committee to continue to offer quality films at a…Read More

LENS ME YOUR EARS Update: January 2021

My fellow podcast host Stephen Cooke and I have been busy watching new and classic films and discussing them using the magic of remote recording during this ongoing pandemic. Our newest episode of the film podcast LENS ME YOUR EARS is now available to enjoy online wherever you get your finer podcast content — including…Read More


Following a late summer hiatus, Stephen Cooke and I have returned to the remote computer crucible to talk about movies. The forthcoming episode, expected Tuesday, will be about Tenet and the films of Christopher Nolan. Coming up next, around September 22,  will be a chat about recent and upcoming film festivals. I want to say…Read More

A Decade of Flaw In The Iris

At the end of August I'll have been writing this blog for 10 years. It feels like a bit of a milestone, doesn't it? It's a little shocking even to me how many movies I've watched through that period — I've posted almost 1500 times, but a number of those single posts include multiple reviews…Read More