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As regular readers of FLAW IN THE IRIS — and followers of the site's Instagram account — know I've recently returned from Toronto where I covered the 2022 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. (Click here to read all the reviews.) On the most recent episode of the podcast I co-host with the multimedia…Read More

FLAW IN THE IRIS visits London!

In May I spent almost three weeks in London, one of my favourite cities in the world. I first visited when I was a kid, and then lived there as a teenager, finishing high school at an American international school. London turned me into a genuine film lover, the cinemas of the West End offering…Read More


New episodes of the film podcast I co-host with Stephen Cooke, LENS ME YOUR EARS,  have been arriving regularly every two weeks or so since the start of the year. Here's what we've been up to: Our most recent episode is a look at the work of David Koepp, a Hollywood insider and wildly successful…Read More

A little FITI housekeeping…

Hello new and regular visitors to Flaw In The Iris. Thank you for stopping by. If you've been checking out my reviews for awhile, you'll notice new banners rotating at the top of the page. Though the name of the blog is inspired by a line of dialogue from Chinatown, and the image of Jack…Read More

Academy Award Nominations #Reaction

The nominations for the '22 Academy Awards dropped on Tuesday morning, and as with every Hollywood awards season there were expectations met and expectations dashed. There's also the few naysayers who took to social media to say these awards are antiquated and irrelevant. They groused. They whined. They said, "Who cares?" That question's been asked…Read More