In Cinemas: December 21-25, 2016 — Assassins Creed, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Dangal, Lion, Passengers, Sing, Why Him?, Fences, La La Land

For better or worse, Christmas is upon us. As a result of Sunday's celebration, this week's film releases are staggered over three days. Here's how they'll roll out: Wednesday, December 21 I think we were all hoping that Assassin's Creed—starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and directed by Justin Kurzel, all of whom teamed up…Read More

2016 in Review: Part 4 of Halifax cinephiles’ favourite films of the year

I’m fortunate to know a group of people as passionate about film as I am. They’re students, programmers, filmmakers, screenwriters, bloggers, critics, and journalists. In this space, when I reference people I know whose opinions I respect—and who often hold positions contrary to my own—that’s who I’m talking about. The debates and conversations are always enriching.…Read More