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2023 Canadian Screen Awards

I feel for the folks putting this event on. It takes place over a few days, with some TV and journalism awards handed out in advance of the film awards that are announced tonight, and television drama and comedy awards coming tomorrow. My sympathies lie with the organizers because it always seems like it's a…Read More

FLAW IN THE IRIS visits London!

In May I spent almost three weeks in London, one of my favourite cities in the world. I first visited when I was a kid, and then lived there as a teenager, finishing high school at an American international school. London turned me into a genuine film lover, the cinemas of the West End offering…Read More

A Rosamund Pike Primer: Redux

Since I first wrote about Rosamund Pike, she has strongly avoided the Hollywood A-list, despite it being entirely available to her. Full marks, then, for her left-of centre choices since Gone Girl, in films like A United Kingdom, Hostiles, and especially A Private War. I look forward to her role as Marie Curie in Radioactive,…Read More

Remembering Rutger Hauer

Just hearing this afternoon about the death of the renowned Dutch actor at age 75. This is sad news for fans of genre film, and has already prompted many on social media to recall what is probably his most resonant on-screen moment at the conclusion of Blade Runner, where his character, the rogue replicant Roy…Read More