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Scream series 1-4 review

I saw the original Scream when it first showed in cinemas 25 years ago and I thought it was... fine. At the time I recognized what master horrormeister Wes Craven and his collaborators were doing — a clever and ironic take on all the horror tropes and cliches Craven indulged in and exploited in earlier films…Read More

#AJFF2021 Review: Sublet

Directed by Eytan Fox | Written by Fox and Itay Segal | 89 min | Atlantic Jewish Film Festival  Michael (John Benjamin Hickey, one of those "it's that guy" familiar-face character actors) arrives at Ben Gurion Airport just outside Tel Aviv. He takes a cab into the city and finds the apartment he's supposed to…Read More

Hellifax Horror Film Festival 2021 preview

Just in time for Halloween, the second edition of the Hellifax Horror Fest arrives in Halifax on October 30 and 31, Saturday and Sunday. You might recall last year's inaugural event, which screened a collection of international horror shorts online. This year's two-day program includes nine screenings of 54 shorts and four features, and you…Read More