The Dissolve’s look at Paranoid Thrillers and Science Fiction

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I have a tendency to retweet my film culture grazing, but I don’t repost as much here. Generally that’s because I want to provide added value on FITI—a few opinions or a little commentary, not just a doorway to someone else’s stuff.

But every once in awhile I find a great think piece on a key subject, like this one from the excellent movie site The Dissolve, that I just gotta share. It’s about where 70s paranoid thrillers and science fiction overlapped, from The Parallax View to Capricorn One to The Cat From Outer Space. 

For the record:


The Parallax View is still as terrifying as ever, more than 40 years on.


Capricorn One is entertaining cheese—probably recommended only for fans of 70s time capsules, campy scifi, or the cinematic oeuvre of Orenthal J. Simpson.


I can’t say one way or the other about The Cat—it was a childhood favourite but I can barely remember anything about it. Maybe I should revisit.

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