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Following a late summer hiatus, Stephen Cooke and I have returned to the remote computer crucible to talk about movies. The forthcoming episode, expected Tuesday, will be about Tenet and the films of Christopher Nolan. Coming up next, around September 22,  will be a chat about recent and upcoming film festivals. I want to say…Read More

99 episodes of the LENS ME YOUR EARS podcast

A little more than five years ago in March, 2015, Chronicle Herald arts reporter Stephen Cooke and I launched a podcast on the Village Soundcast Network called LENS ME YOUR EARS. Full credit lies with Stephen's pun-tastic imagination for the title. On the show we discuss new movies in cinemas — or occasionally on streaming…Read More

New episode(s) of LENS ME YOUR EARS

Stephen Cooke and I continue to plug away at our podcast project, LENS ME YOUR EARS, with a brand new episode up now. We're talking about movies where the City of London is a featured player, inspired by two pictures now in cinemas: Last Christmas and The Good Liar, but we go back in time to…Read More