If you haven’t checked out FLAW IN THE IRIS: THE FILM PODCAST of late, I’ve got three fresh episodes up now:

Brand new: I spoke with Halifax screenwriter and director Mark Palermo on the upper deck of the Central Library about teen movies, and his recollections of co-writing the teen-comedy-horror, Detention.

Lisa Buchanan and I discussed Disobedience, the terrific drama that played in cinemas here for a single week: It’s now available on DVD. Check it out, then give our conversation a listen.

And dial up my chat with Shakespearean scholar Yolana Wassersug. We discuss the way The Bard is adapted on film, and why she doesn’t like to call him “the Bard.”

You can go here to listen to these episodes, review, and subscribe.  Or you can listen here.

Over on the other podcast I co-host, LENS ME YOUR EARS, we’re up to Episode 63, where Stephen Cooke and I talked about the films of Paul Schrader. On earlier episodes we discuss the films of Pixar and horror movies, having seen Incredibles 2 and Hereditary.


And coming up on Episode 64, Stephen and I admit to popular franchises and features we don’t much like: Look out Jurassic World, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Forrest Gump, we’ve had enough of your crap. That should be online next week.

You can find the most recent episodes here, and here.


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Carsten Knox is a massive, cheese-eating nerd. In the day he works as a journalist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At night he stares out at the rain-slick streets, watches movies, and writes about what he's seeing.