Danny Collins review — Al Pacino back in tune

Written and directed by Dan Fogelman Al Pacino won an Academy Award for his leading role in Scent Of A Woman. That was 22 years ago. The performance defined his whole Whoo-HAH persona. While the movie was popular, I don't think anyone really thought it was representative of his best stuff—the award was more of a body-of-work recognition,…Read More

Furious 7 review — More is more, more or less

Directed by James Wan, written by Chris Morgan, from characters by Gary Scott Thompson Hot Car: Lykan Hypersport, the $3.4 million supercar. If the successive entries in this increasingly popular franchise have shown us anything it's that more is more. More cars, more stunts, more characters, more arm butter, more slo-mo, more macho attitude, and more…Read More

Save the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit!

Why am I not surprised? Every time the government looks to make some cuts, benefits to the creative community are the first things on the chopping block. The idea of these cuts is usually suggested by a finance minister who doesn't really understand how the funding works in the first place. Halifaxbloggers.ca head cheese Brenden Sommerhalder…Read More

Cast No Shadow: Q-and-A with director Christian Sparkes

Opening Friday, April 3,  in Halifax is Cast No Shadow, an already award-winning feature from Newfoundland. It took a host of gongs at the Atlantic Film Festival: Best Atlantic Film, Best Director (Christian Sparkes), Best Screenplay (Joel Thomas Hynes), Best Actress (Mary-Colin Chisholm), Best Actor (Percy Hynes White), and Best Cinematography (Scott McLellan). It was…Read More