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“The Oscar Favorite No One Really Likes” by Andrew O’Hehir

Here's an interesting piece from Salon that speaks to the odd lack of excitement leading up to the Academy Awards this Sunday. That's the part of this story I find interesting.                                                    Didn't they shoot Lost right here?  I think the writer's beef with The Descendants is a bit overblown. There've been plenty of far less…Read More

Reactions to the 2011 Academy Awards

Well, no surprises.I didn't think The Social Network would win Best Film, but I did think David Fincher would take Best Director. Don't get me wrong, The King's Speech is a worthy award recipient, but it taking so many categories beyond Best Actor didn't rock my world. Especially Best Original Screenplay. I had my fingers…Read More

Anticipating the 2011 Academy Awards

I've been enjoying the cottage industry of bloggers and writers discussing and dissecting the Academy Awards. The BIG SHEEW, as Ed Sullivan used to say, will be happening Sunday night, less than 48 hours from now.Of the variety of articles I've read, this one from Cracked is one of the most relevant and funny, where…Read More