In Cinemas: Friday, October 16, 2015 — Bridge of Spies, Crimson Peak, Beeba Boys, Freeheld, Brand: A Second Coming, Goosebumps, Woodlawn, and more…

We still await the arrival of Steve Jobs, the Oscar-bait biopic getting a heavy push from a TV marketing campaign but it still hasn't opened outside of Toronto.  Frustrating. I think we can expect it on October 23. In the meantime, we have no lack of interesting material opening locally in cinemas. This weekend is one of…Read More

Beeba Boys review — The Suits Are Magic

Written and directed by Deepa Mehta | 103 min  Jeet Johar (Randeep Hooda) is a bit of a folk hero and leader in the Vancouver Indo-Canadian community. He's also a gangster, with a posse of five well-groomed, well-dressed henchmen rolling for him, killing people who encroach on his territory. Keen to join the crew is Nep…Read More

In Cinemas: Friday, October 9 — Phoenix, Hyena Road, He Named Me Malala, Pan, Knock Knock, The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?

The third screening of this season's Carbon Arc series is Phoenix, a German post-war thriller directed by Christian Petzold, who won the Silver Bear at Berlin for his previous picture, Barbara. The buzz about this new film has been pretty hot,  and though I haven't yet seen it, I'm psyched. (Full disclosure: I also had…Read More

The Walk review — Sure-Footed In The Sky

Directed by Robert Zemeckis | Written by Zemeckis and Christopher Browne, based on a book by Philippe Petit | 123 min Unlike last week's feature release, Pawn Sacrifice, where the historical drama compared unflatteringly to a more comprehensive documentary (Liz Garbus' Bobby Fischer Against The World), The Walk distances itself from James Marsh's brilliant and Oscar-winning Man…Read More

The Martian review — Deep Space Hokum

Directed by Ridley Scott | Written by Drew Goddard from a book by Andy Weir | 141 min Sometimes professionalism is its own reward, and sometimes it isn't. Ridley Scott is a craftsperson of the highest order, and here he delivers a very well-made film crammed with entertainment, if you can manage to ignore the…Read More