In Cinemas: June 26, 2015 — Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, Ted 2, Popeye

This summer’s teen drama—wherein one of the characters has cancer—arrives Friday at the Oxford.


I enjoyed Me And Earl And The Dying Girl quite a lot, and can understand why it earned a stack of accolades at Sundance. Go here for my full review.

Seth MacFarlane is back with another rude talking bear comedy, Ted 2.


Somehow I feel like every time he has a huge success, which is frequently, MacFarlane is just laughing at all of us. “Look at you chumps, enjoying my foul, self-loathing humour! You’re just as dead inside as I am!”


Maybe this is it for his movies, though. His future could be in singing Sinatra. Stranger things have happened.


Oh, and I just noticed this:

As part of a family movies series at Cineplex, they’re showing Robert Altman’s troubled but terrific Popeye, with Robin Williams as the spinach-eating cartoon character come to life. It’s at Bayers Lake and Dartmouth Crossing at 11am on Saturday.

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