Hollywood’s newest, dumbest marketing ploy

The Way Way Back is a charming little film—review to come soon—but I just wanted to take a minute to remark upon a new low in the way Hollywood is trying to get people in to see this movie. Check out the top of this poster. A New Comedy From The Studio That Brought You Little Miss Sunshine And Juno.


I have ranted about how annoying it was that (actually, the same) marketers were using “From The Producers Of” to create unrealistic associations between films, but this takes it to another level of remove. Yes, Fox Searchlight is a boutique studio, but very much a part of the factory. So what if its execs signed the cheques for those other movies? They also did I Think I Love My Wife. What’s the connection there?

Weak, Fox people. Really weak.

Soon we’ll start seeing on posters A New Comedy From The People Who At A Party Once Met The Filmmakers Who Brought You Little Miss Sunshine and Juno.

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