Show Shots // Juno Awards Afterparty @ 2037 Gottingen // 03.25.24

Emcee – Skratch Bastid

After a series of late nights, shooting shows and events, this photographer wasn’t sure there was enough left in the tank. I wrapped some editing in the afternoon and sent some photos over to my pals at 2037 Gottingen, and during that convo, I was asked if I was coming out to the show that night. Once they mentioned Kardinal and Skratch Bastid were performing, I figured at that point what was one more night.

On the way back to the parkade, this photog joked with a couple of pals that the plan was to pop in for maybe half an hour before calling it a night. They scoffed at my claim and little did I realize it would be far more than 30 minutes.

Kardinal & Skratch Bastid

Upon arriving at the Marquee, I shared a fist bump with manager Kyle and headed to the front of the stage. Things were heating up as Montreal DJ duo Moonshine provided the early morning soundtrack, and then emcee Skratch Bastid welcomed the Canadian hip-hop legend Kardinal Offishall to the stage. Kardi proceeded to play the role of DJ before Skratch took his spot behind the wheels of steel, and let Kardi shift into emcee mode to perform a few of his massive hits including a snippet of “Northern Touch”.  The night was well past the 30-minute mark I had arbitrarily set earlier.

Maestro Fresh Wes

At this point in the wee hours of Monday morning, things were starting to heat up. A buzz rippled through the crowd, and then the first rapper inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame, Maestro Fresh Wes, popped up on stage  (a healthy entourage had developed by this time as well), and he proceeded to treat the room to a slew of his hit songs including “Drop the Needle”, “Let Your Backbone Slide”, and if I recall correctly “Conductin’ Thangs”. Having grown up being a fan of Wes’ music,  it was certainly surreal seeing him performing those same songs in a venue such as the 2037 Gottingen complex.


It was a who’s who of Canadian Hip Hop on stage, as Classified took to the mic shortly after Maestro. Quake Matthews was up taking in the festivities, as were Haviah Mighty and Keysha Freshh (and their Sorority DJ Mel Boogie); newer artists such as Rochester Juice looked to be having the time of their lives.  After Maestro and Classified wrapped up on stage, I packed up the camera and headed for the door, as it was now well after 2am and I was ready to call it a night. In looking at some of the photos of the night, had I stayed I would have caught Nelly Furtado, Bambii and TOBi taking to the stage to carry the party well into the night.

Maestro Fresh Wes



There will always be nights where you feel a bit run down and want to do little more than lounge on your couch in your PJs, but I have found more often than not, those are the ones worth powering through. On this night, it was an absolute honour to be able to attend and photograph the festivities on the closing of an exciting night of music in Halifax. This one will live on in my heart for years to come.



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