I got a job as a Film Editor

Just a quick note to regular readers of Flaw in the Iris: I've taken on the job of Film Editor atThe Coast, the weekly newspaper that already employs me as Special Issues Editor. If you've not visited The Coast online, especially the film section, you can here. You'll find my feature writing and reviewing all…Read More

Hobo With A Shotgun review

Directed by Jason EisenerWritten by Eisener and John DaviesThis is a tough movie for me to review. It was made in my town, starring an actor I've idolized since I was a kid, Rutger Hauer. I've interviewed the director on a number of occasions, most recently in this week's Coast cover story, which you can…Read More

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

For folks younger than myself, there'll be a lot of head-scratching today over the hubbub surrounding the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. She was a lot more than the tabloid fodder, Michael Jackson-gal pal and kooky pop culture presence that she became late in life. She was a titan of Hollywood's old studio system. I have…Read More

Limitless review

Directed by Neil BurgerWritten by Leslie Dixon from an Alan Glynn novelLimitless is a movie for our over-medicated times, and a concept so high and wired that the picture refuses to let you down until the credits roll. Sure, it could have been a whole lot more than just a rush, but in terms of…Read More

The Adjustment Bureau review

  Written and directed by George Nolfi, adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story Adjustment Team | 106 min | Netflix Why am I such a sucker for a fantasy so surely set in the real world? I wish I knew. Just superstitious, I suppose. So long as the internal logic makes sense to…Read More

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps review

Directed by Oliver StoneWritten by Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff, based oncharacters by Stone and Stanley WeiserOn DVDAbout 40 minutes into Oliver Stone’s revisiting of his 80s screed on the dangers and allure of big money, the sequel to Wall Street feels just a little, I dunno, drab? It’s hard to put your finger on…Read More