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Red Bull Hometown Tour feat. Matt Mays & Guests

The storm formerly known as Andrea attempted to wash out the Red Bull Hometown tour last weekend, as it was scheduled to take place at the Waterfront Warehouse outside of the coolest transforming bus anyone has seen in these parts. Instead, the impending storm forced the show into the Cunard Centre just down the road…Read More

Venue Countdown #1 – The Marquee

Call it what you want, The Marquee has gone through some many name changes in the recent the years. Originally called the "Marquee Club" up until the late 2000's - as the Paragon Theatre. And than opening up again this Friday as the "Marquee Ballroom". It's also has been on the decline in recent years…Read More

Venue Countdown #2 – Citadel Hill / Garrison Grounds We're almost there, we have almost reached the pinnacle of the list, but we have just one last stop to make, and that stops leaves us at the foothills of the Citadel Hill otherwise known as the Garrison Grounds.  This is the tried and true outdoor venue and while the Halifax Commons were (are?)…Read More

Venue Countdown #3 – The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium

We're quickly working our way to the end of the list, and clocking in at number 3 is The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (conveniently nestled within the bosom of The Dalhousie Arts Centre). This is not the place to go if you're looking for an over-the-top flashy production ala KISS or the Rolling Stones, this is…Read More

Venue Countdown #5 – The Palace

In my opinion, this is the surprise venue on our entire list. If you were to randomly ask people to describe The Palace, most would say that it was the place where ladies in short skirts and guys in tight V-neck tee's go to "dance" while that week's DJ du jour spun the latest dance…Read More

Venue Countdown #6 – Cunard Centre

Christina Martin @ 2013 East Coast Music Awards Located on the waterfront, next to pier 21, the Cunard Centre is a large multipurpose venue used for craft shows, dog shows, wine & cheese shows, sex shows, you name it. The Cunard Centre is also used to showcase music, and what a waste it would be…Read More