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HAFILAX??? I do not understand, is that a typo?

Not at all! HAFILAX calls Halifax home, but the name itself was a play on words, which happened to translate rather nicely in a graphic medium.  The initial idea for the site was to be more of a concert listings site, and after languishing on life support for years, I heeded some advice from Chris Hardwick’s book The Nerdist Way and opted to create something.   After reviving the site for the 4th or 5th time, I envisioned HAFILAX as a home for my musical musings, ramblings and thoughts.   Over the past year or two, we’ve begun to mold the site into something of an all encompassing site where you can find concert announcements, show reviews, our concert photography, and general music geekdom.  We focus on Quality over Quantity, as integrity of the story lies at the very heart of what we set out to do.

It’s easy enough to source articles and to essentially relay them to you, but HAFILAX is based on an idea which is far more than that, we are dedicated to bringing you honest opinions on all aspects of music (and maybe at times pop culture oriented pieces as well).   The team here at HAFILAX consists currently of 3 wild and crazy guys, ‘El Jeffe’ Jeff McEachern the resident people person, who is the man responsible for our HAFILAX Basement Tapes podcast,  Mitch  “JT” Cuzner our resident hipster, then there’s yours truly Trevor “Expos Cap” Savory, proud dad, husband, caffeine (and craft beer) aficionado, and all round pop culture junkie.   We are the Three Amigos.

HAFILAX has grown into a site of opinions, discussions and reviews of music both local and abroad, you’ll typically see us out and about at live shows, if you see a guy sporting an Expos Cap and Camera bag out at a show, chances are that you’ll see some concert shots and a review pop up in the days following the show.  I speak for all of us when I say that we live, breathe and sleep music, it’s a passion among the three of us and we hope it’s something you hold near and dear as well.  Some of the goodies you will find here are some of our features such as: The Friday Night Soundtrack, Recommended Listening Pieces (One Track Mind, and/or 8 Tracks) and out Music Geekdom thoughts, not to mention the occasional review and interviews.

Music Submissions:

Are you an up-and-coming artist or maybe an established act and would like a potential review and/or interview, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will gladly take the time to touch base to see what we can do for you. If you’re interested in having an album (or show) reviewed, get in touch, we’re all friendly chaps.   We can’t guarantee that we’ll put up a review, but what we can guarantee is that we’re fair and balanced in our reviews, so it’s not some arbitrary 5 star system here, if we love something, we’ll tell you why, and that cuts both ways, so if we dislike it we’ll let you know why.  We’re not going to pan something just for the sake of giving a thumbs down, we’ll back up our opinions.  All that is required from you (other than a little bit of time) is access to your music and/or live shows.

Want to Join the Team?
If you happen to be a photographer or writer and are looking to have some work published we can also set aside some time to discuss those options, just hit us up at [email protected]

HAFILAX is a three piece collective which is made up of Mitch Cuzner (writer, photographer and all round wild party), Jeff McEachern (writer, and opinionated soul) and Trevor Savory (designer, writer, dad and part time Luchador). We cover the musical spectrum and aim to share our thoughts and musings with the world. Music Lives Here.

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