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Podcast Episode 29 – Best of 2017 Recap

On today's podcast, Trevor, Jeff and Mitch sat down to chat about their best-of lists from 2017. We might have run off the rails a little, but we did discuss most of our picks that made up our lists. You can check out the podcast over on SoundCloud, or subscribe to iTunes and never miss…Read More

Podcast Episode 27 – Dana Beeler

- Late Alert - With our first pod of 2018, Dana Beeler stopped by (in late November) to chat about the January festival, In The Dead of Winter. She also discussed hosting a podcast of her own, some upcoming plans for her band, Hello Delaware, as well as her desert island picks. You can check…Read More

Justin’s Favourite Albums of 2017

A good thing about making a "year-end list" is that you've got your own personalized list of favourite albums that you've listened to in the span of a year, that you get to show off. It's almost like bragging rights. And you get to promote the bands that you like. But I think the best…Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack // Where has time gone?

"Live in the Moment" - Portugal. The Man At the moment, Portugal. The Man have taken Midas' golden touch, and continue to drop these incredibly infectious slices of indie-rock. Just press play, and don't call us when you can shake this one out of your head. "Chainsmoking" - Jacob Banks There is something soulful…Read More