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10 Great Jack Nicholson roles

The King of Hollywood. That's what the papers call him. His 82nd birthday yesterday prompted this recollection and celebration of the New Jersey-born actor's stellar career. Though living in semi-retirement since How Do You Know in 2010, his rep as a 12-time Oscar nominee and three-time winner still stands. I've been a fan of his… Read More

To Rome With Love review

Written and directed by Woody Allen It used to be that I'd think, well, Woody Allen gets unfairly bad reviews because everyone is always comparing him to his own work. And how can you hold him to his best, his Annie Halls, Manhattans and Purple Rose of Cairos? I do it too, but I almost… Read More

A Cult of One: Impromptu

Welcome to a new occasional feature on Flaw In The Iris.  A Cult of One is where I write about unheralded films, generally unloved and unpopular. They're misunderstood and deserve a larger fanbase... besides just me. Impromptu (1991) | Directed by James Lapine | Written by Sarah Kernochan | 91 min I stumbled across Impromptu… Read More

Page Eight and London River reviews

Two very different but very London-centric political thrillers now on DVD: Page Eight | Written and Directed by David Hare (BBC) Pravda playwright and The Reader screenwriter David Hare returns to directing for the first time in years with this John le Carré-style British spy drama. Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) plays a straight-arrow MI5 man,… Read More