Atlantic Film Festival 2013: Here We Go

The Atlantic Film Festival, running from today, September 12, through September 19, is a joyous time. I love all of it, but mostly the energy in the moments before the screening starts, or in the line-ups outside. "Are we about to see something life-changing tonight?" is always the question. The AFF has provided me with first-time…Read More

The World’s End review

Directed by Edgar WrightWritten by Wright and Simon PeggYou nerds know this: The World's End is the third and final film in Wright's Cornetto Trilogy, all made with buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The thematic thread is pretty thin, but basically these three British guys grew up loving comic books, science fiction, comedy, horror…Read More

In A World… review

Written and directed by Lake BellA lovely indie from writer/director/actor Lake Bell, In A World... manages to make a few very coherent and political points about women in Hollywood while telling a feather-light story set in the moribund romantic comedy genre. When you think about it, achieving all that is kind of a wonder.Bell is…Read More

Summer of 2013 in Review

This wasn't a summer that awed me at the multiplex. There were a few solid slabs of cinema, a few pleasant surprises, a few real disappointments, and, as usual, movies that sort of came and went, almost leaving my consciousness before I even exited the movie houses' air-conditioned foyers. Fortunately, I was able to reignite a few…Read More