The Help and Warrior reviewed

With the Oscars on Sunday, I thought it worthwhile to catch up with a few of the films with nominations that I missed in the cinema. The Help Written and directed by Tate Taylor, from the Kathryn Stockett novel.Well, it's a bit hard coming at this with all the words written about it so far.…Read More

“The Oscar Favorite No One Really Likes” by Andrew O’Hehir

Here's an interesting piece from Salon that speaks to the odd lack of excitement leading up to the Academy Awards this Sunday. That's the part of this story I find interesting.                                                    Didn't they shoot Lost right here?  I think the writer's beef with The Descendants is a bit overblown. There've been plenty of far less…Read More

Chronicle review

Directed by Josh TrankWritten by Trank and Max LandisThe idea of super powers: still inspiring filmmakers in 2012. It's amazing to me that there are still fresh ways to approach ye olde "with great power comes great responsibility" story, and credit to Trank and Landis for succeeding, for the most part, in that department.Andrew (Dane…Read More

John Williams is 80

Empire Magazine online has put together an amazing cross-section of excerpts from John Williams' scores. My favourites, aside from the most well-known Spielberg, Lucas and Superman themes, has to be that one from The Witches of Eastwick, described here as an "earworm."Click here for 80 Reasons Why John Williams is The Man.Read More