Another look at The Killer Inside Me

I love seeing a provocative movie every once in awhile, one that takes me by surprise,
one that shakes me out of any possibility that I might be watching it for escapist reasons.
The Killer Inside Me was one of those movies. I reviewed it on DVD last year, you can find
my thoughts here. I found justification in the director’s choices because the film is thoughtful
and unflinching, but without a moral perspective, we are forced to deal with the brutality of
the violence ourselves. It’s extremely unpleasant.

Here’s another, more overt defense of the film and Winterbottom’s choices.

It’s interesting to think about. Is misogyny inherent in overt depictions of violence against women in film, or is it more offensive to just show the results and not show us the unvarnished realism of the act? I said it felt like borderline exploitation, but who makes that call, really?

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