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Suze review — Comedy works thanks to key cast

Written and Directed by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart | 93 min | ▲▲▲△△ This is a delightfully sweet and quite funny Canadian comedy about family and intergenerational strife, locked down by two terrific lead performances from Michaela Watkins and Charlie Gillespie. The family material may not be entirely original, but the intergenerational stuff is… Read More

Carbon Arc’s 2017 Fall Season

Another rousing collection of films screened at Carbon Arc Cinema from the end of September through November. Halifax's Independent Cinema series will now take a break. We will be back in early February with another collection of international and independent films. I wasn't able to see all the screenings this fall—I missed The Midwife, The Teacher,… Read More

In A World… review

Written and directed by Lake BellA lovely indie from writer/director/actor Lake Bell, In A World... manages to make a few very coherent and political points about women in Hollywood while telling a feather-light story set in the moribund romantic comedy genre. When you think about it, achieving all that is kind of a wonder.Bell is… Read More