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A Rosamund Pike primer

I've been spending this week enjoying Rosamund Pike's sudden ascension to stardom. If all the ink spilled on Gone Girl, along with its #1 box office status, is anything to go by, everyone's talking about the 34-year-old British thesp. I've enjoyed her movies for years, and it's great to see someone who has worked hard…Read More

Watching Robin Williams

I figured I'd wait a few days before offering any kind of tribute to Robin Williams. Give the news a chance sink in. It seems to me a universal tragedy; someone so talented, so adored, would feel so despondent as to end his life. Depression doesn't discriminate. Of the more moving remembrances to the Oscar-winning actor…Read More

The Movie Star Roster 2014

Jack Nicholson once said, and I'm paraphrasing, here, that anyone who gets to be a lead in a Hollywood movie has something special. Why? Because too many people want it. If the star didn't have some of that magic pixie dust that appeals to audiences, someone else would have gotten the gig. That shit doesn't…Read More

10 Great Jeff Goldblum roles

It was only recently that I started to appreciate Jeff Goldblum's special appeal. I'd respected him as a character actor who'd flirted with big time stardom, in movies like The Fly and Jurassic Park and Independence Day, but who rarely had his name above the title. It's a good place to be, career wise. It…Read More

Bob Hoskins and Mona Lisa

When I heard the sad news that Bob Hoskins died today at age 71, it made me think of the first movie I saw him in. I'd lived in London for less than a year when Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa came out. It was a tough year for me. A new high school, much larger than the…Read More

How do I watch Woody Allen now?

Yesterday I sat down with an old friend. We talked about movies, as we sometimes do, and since we both grew up watching Woody Allen, we talked about the reasons he's been in the news lately. She said, "I can forgive a lot, but this is one thing where I'd leave him on a desert…Read More

Elmore Leonard RIP

Here's Toronto film reviewer Norm Wilner's look back at some of the movies that sprung from his mind. I've always wanted to see Killshot and 52 Pick-Up, and Justified is on a (long) list of TV shows needing to be seen by me.What a great writer. He will be missed.Read More

Roger Ebert 1942-2013

It's hard to overestimate the influence and impact of Roger Ebert. People talk about Pauline Kael with hushed reverence now, but what made Ebert so great, certainly the greatest movie critic in my lifetime, was his ability to communicate in a language everyone could understand. I don't know if that was always true of Kael.…Read More