In Cinemas: August 19, 2016—Ben Hur, Edge of Winter, The Infiltrator, Kubo and the Two Strings, War Dogs

The second half of August is a Hollywood studios dumping ground of features for which they have no confidence. Witness the unwanted remake of Ben Hur, which arrives on a wave of negative reviews.

Edge of Winter is a curiosity: an indie drama starring the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, along with Percy White, the star of the powerful Newfoundland film Cast No Shadow. It’s about two boys dealing with their unhinged father (Joel Kinnaman) while out in the wilderness.

I’ve seen The Infiltrator, a good-looking, based-on-actual-events, drug war thriller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring anything to the genre we haven’t seen before.

American animation house, Laika (Paranorman, The Box Trolls) brings us Kubo and the Two Strings, an epic fantasy set in Japan about a boy exploring the legacy of his father, a great samurai.

And then there’s War Dogsbased on the true story of a couple of 20-something bros who made all the money as arms dealers. The trailers make it look a lot like The Wolf of Wall Street. That was a movie I liked, but I’m not sure that we need another one, brought to us by the guy who directed The Hangover.

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