Daniel Bergamini on John Carter

I'm fairly ambivalent about Disney's fantasy epic John Carter, though I've followed with interest the struggle they've had marketing the thing, and have been surprised by the unusually fervent negative buzz. The film has strong and experienced creative forces behind it, and my hope is it does a better job translating this vintage fantasy into…Read More

A Dangerous Method reviewed

Directed by David CronenbergWritten by Christopher Hampton, from his play A Talking Cure, which was adapted from the book A Most Dangerous Method by John Kerr. I have really been enjoying the Viggo Mortensen era of David Cronenberg's work. Mortensen has starred in the past three movies Cronenberg has made, A History of Violence, Eastern…Read More

War Horse review

Directed by Steven SpielbergWritten by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis, from the book by Michael MorpurgoSitting in a mostly empty movie theatre watching Spielberg's new epic movie, I playfully imagined what War Horse would be like as directed by Terrence Malick, probably because I just reviewed 2011 and Malick's The Tree of Life featured prominently.…Read More