Ricky Gervais “controversy” at the Golden Globes

You know, since The Office and Extras, I haven’t been crazy about the work Ricky Gervais has been doing, but with a few exceptions—Robert Downey Jr.’s presentation of Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and Paul Giamatti’s acceptance speech, for instance—I thought he single-handedly kept the Golden Globes watchable Sunday night. Not that the award recipients weren’t deserving, but in terms of surprises or big emotion, there wasn’t much.

Sure Gervais’ jokes were outrageous, and the Hollywood elite aren’t used to their awards hosts being quite so venomous. Even in that, he didn’t say anything we didn’t already know: Robert Downey Jr was in Betty Ford! Bruce Willis’ ex is married to a man who could be his son! A famous Scientologist might be gay? Even Carrie Fisher has talked about it in a recent Advocate interview. What else? Tim Allen seems a bit of a schmo next to Tom Hanks? Yup, we knew that, too. If it wasn’t for his amazing turn as the voice of Buzz Lightyear we’d likely not be seeing much of Mr Allen around. The glorious Home Improvement and Santa Clause years are now in the past. 

But all that adds up to a big “So what?” Hollywood is sometimes just like fucking high school. Suck it up pretty, rich people!

If you missed it, here are Gervais’ “bawdiest jokes” courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

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