plug in/plug out in the bus stop backyard

I was feeling conflicted about Angels & Heroes production of  girls! girls! girls!  before seeing it -- mega-intrigued by both script and set (back lot of the Bus Stop Theatre),  excited to see this constellation of actors working with director Richie Wilcox,  but I was also harboring a strange swirl of resistance and envy upon… Read More

Poste-Haste Presence: Shane Beehan at Solo-Icious

Are you eager to hear from another Solo-Icious artist? You're in luck; this is the second instalment of the Solo-Icious Poste-Haste Presence!  Following my (e-mail) chat with Andrew Jackson, is a quick q&a with bar-tending and cocktail expert Shane Beehan, head bartender at the soon to open Lot Six Bar (aka #shanethebartender of Field Guide fame).  Beehan will… Read More

Post-Haste Presence: Andrew Jackson at Solo-Icious

Hello theatre -- music -- sex-ed -- art fans! Welcome to another round of Post-Haste Presence!  That’s post-haste – with all possible speed. These are short q&a’s with artists to promote their fast-approaching  projects.  With the third incarnation of Solo-icious opening FRIDAY NIGHT, (which you can read more about here) I'm hoping to share with… Read More

SOLO-ICIOUS – don’t call it a comeback

Great news, excellent artists of Halifax! The “festival of phenomenal solo performances” is back -- yes Solo-icious will be revived next month! From their press release: “July 3rd and 4th, SOLO-ICIOUS...will present Halifax audiences with artists from across conventional performance disciplines (dance, theatre, music) and from not-so-conventional ones (spoken word, photography, culinary arts). Solo-icious celebrates the… Read More

Be Mesmerized and Moved by Mulgrave Road Theatre

Mulgrave Road Theatre’s production of Watching Glory Die, by esteemed playwright Judith Thompson, is a heart-wrenching story and a sleek, well-crafted production. Directed by Emmy Alcorn, Glory is inspired by the true story of Moncton’s Ashley Smith. Since the age of fifteen, she was shuffled between numerous detention centres and prison facilities across Canada.  At 18… Read More

StART Your Engines, Emerging Artists!

Snowdays are the perfect day to hide in your room and ignore the world.  Unless there’s a fresh, exciting theatre festival coming up this weekend -- then you hide in your room and conduct a business-Skype with rising festival founder Karen Gross. The StART Festival, ‘a celebration of diverse art forms by emerging artists’ kicks… Read More