Poste-Haste Presence: Shane Beehan at Solo-Icious

Are you eager to hear from another Solo-Icious artist? You’re in luck; this is the second instalment of the Solo-Icious Poste-Haste Presence!  Following my (e-mail) chat with Andrew Jackson, is a quick q&a with bar-tending and cocktail expert Shane Beehan, head bartender at the soon to open Lot Six Bar (aka #shanethebartender of Field Guide fame).  Beehan will share fifteen minutes with the Solo-Icious audience tonight at 8pm.  Here’s what he had to say:

1.  In five sentences or less, explain to us what you will be performing at Solo-icious?

I will be giving an oral history of bartending culture. I will be talking of the connections between world history and alcohol history…and the influence that it has had on our own province of Nova Scotia. I will also be a making a few cocktails to demonstrate technique of the craft.

2.  What inspired you to pursue your field of expertise?

Like most inspiration there isn’t a real tangible source for me to identify…it was this wild, invisible flame that warmed me and urged me forward.

3.  What does “performance” mean to you?

Day to day life.

4.  What’s the best part about “solo” work?  What’s the biggest challenge?

Nothing is ever solo. There is so much behind the scenes support and motivation. The biggest challenge is doing justice to all the people that support you.

5.  What are you looking forward to the most about the Solo-icious Festival? Meeting the other passionate performers and getting to know what drives them.

Solo-Icious runs July 3rd & 4th at the Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street. Tickets are $15 – regular admission, $13 – students, or $25 – both nights deal. Tickets available online at:

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