Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes

Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes is Jordan Tannahill’s award-winning one-act that chronicles the last hour of teenage Fechter’s life as he lies in the Death Strip, shot while attempting to cross the Berlin Wall in ‘62. The lives of “family, friends, and strangers unfold in the city around him,” as Fechter unpacks just why he would… Read More


There's only one more performance of Jacob Sampson's electrifying, award-winning CHASING CHAMPIONS, presented by Eastern Front Theatre in association with Ship's Company Theatre. Chasing Champions "takes you on the journey of Sam Langford's boxing career. It also uses flash back and a flexible timeline to explore the fighter’s life as a child growing up in Nova Scotia and… Read More

Smith & Schwager shine in “Constellations”

Constellations, presented by Keep Good (Theatre) Company, is British playwright Nick Payne's most recent hit. Using string theory and the idea of multiverse, the show explores love, mortality, free will and relationships, jumping from universe to universe as the actions of Roland (Jeff Schwager) and Marianne (Lesley Smith) influence their reality. Directed by Keep Good-er Laura… Read More


The Bus Stop Theatre Co-Op is accepting applications for their inaugural Playwrights Unit. Starting in November, selected playwrights will attend a monthly meeting and begin writing a brand new play. Members will act as a dramaturgy hivemind for each other’s developing scripts, housing a creative space to connect with other playwrights on a consistent and focused… Read More

Freudian Slips @ Stages Festival

2b Theatre's Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel, by Michael MacKenzie and directed by Anthony Black, centres around a chance meeting between avant-garde novelist James Joyce (Tom Lute) and Doctor Sigmund Freud (Marcel Jeannin). The two are visiting the chapel with Joyce's pregnant wife Nora (Rebecca Parent) and Freudian sister-in-law Minna (Rosa Labordé).  A contemporary story-line intertwines with the historical… Read More

Post-Haste Presence: Zuppa Gets Intimate

Hello friendos, long time no Presence. I'm back with a Post-Haste taste of Zuppa Theatre's show How Small, How Far Away (a revised and revamped incarnation of the play formerly known as The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions). That’s post-haste – with all possible speed. These short q&a’s with artists are meant to promote their fast-approaching projects. I… Read More