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Simulant review — Replicant cinema

Directed by April Mullen | Written by Ryan Christopher Churchill | 95 min | ▲▲△△△ | Crave For awhile now I've been impressed by the influence of the Charlie Brooker science fiction show, Black Mirror. Since its debut as a deeply cynical but scarily prophetic tech-anxiety sci-fi series, I've detected the reach of its potent… Read More

Furious 7 review — More is more, more or less

Directed by James Wan, written by Chris Morgan, from characters by Gary Scott Thompson | Netflix Hot Car: Lykan Hypersport, the $3.4 million supercar. If the successive entries in this increasingly popular franchise have shown us anything it's that more is more. More cars, more stunts, more characters, more arm butter, more slo-mo, more macho attitude,… Read More