The Knox Office: The Holdovers, Testament, and Fingernails

If you’re a regular reader of FITI you’ll know that in the past week or so I’ve reviewed the new Alexander Payne feature, The Holdovers, as well as Testament, the new film from veteran Canadian filmmaker,  Deny Arcand. and the oddball sci-fi romance, Fingernails.

If you’re all TLDR, and would rather hear me talk about these movies, you’re in luck! I also host a radio column called The Knox Office on CBC Information Morning in Halifax, with host Portia Clark.

Click here to listen to the most recent segment.

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Carsten Knox is a massive, cheese-eating nerd. In the day he works as a journalist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At night he stares out at the rain-slick streets, watches movies, and writes about what he's seeing.