The Atlantic Film Festival wraps

I’m here to tell you I survived another year. I flagged a little in the middle but came through strong in the homestretch.

It was a great fest, and I think a popular one, with a bunch of sold-out screenings. The audience award went to Thom Fitzgerald’s Cloudburst and there were five screenings of Roller Town. Lots of support for Nova Scotia films, which is great to see. 

Some of my favourites of this year’s fest were the features Café de flore,  Starbuck, Take This Waltz, Take Shelter, Higher Ground and Charlie Zone. Also, documentaries Pina, Senna and The Swell Season were all excellent. Here are links to my blog posts at The Coast website:

Damsels in Distress

Café de flore and Starbuck

Hit So Hard

Pina and The Future

Colour Me 

Take This Waltz 

Jane Alexander and Higher Ground

Roller Town

And you’ll find my reviews of The Swell Season, Snow, Take Shelter, Bellflower, Senna, Crazy Wisdom, The Swell Season and a number of shorts here.

If you click here and here and here you’ll find my stories on Halifax comedy troupe Picnicface.

(Yep, it’s been a busy 10 days.)

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