Top 10 Movies of 2010

I can't delay it any longer.It's Oscar nominations day, fer chrissakes. I need to get my list out. I am strangely peeved that so many of my faves from 2010 also appear on the Oscar list. I feel one of my roles is to shine a light on lesser-seen pictures, and if I'm digging all…Read More

Hobo With A Shotgun review from Sundance

People in these parts have been pretty excited about Jason Eisener's bloody opusHobo With A Shotgun coming to screens later in 2011. Shot in April and May 2010 in Halifax and Dartmouth, the Grindhouse feature starring Rutger Hauer is showing at Sundance this week. I visited the set and reported on it for the Globe…Read More

The Green Hornet review

OK, so I know some folks who read this thing must be wondering when I'm going to get to my Top 10 of 2010. What do you think I've been doing? I've been watching movies! Getting caught up, doncha know. I hope to have the list out by early next week. I warned you it…Read More

Ricky Gervais “controversy” at the Golden Globes

You know, since The Office and Extras, I haven't been crazy about the work Ricky Gervais has been doing, but with a few exceptions—Robert Downey Jr.'s presentation of Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and Paul Giamatti's acceptance speech, for instance—I thought he single-handedly kept the Golden Globes watchable Sunday night. Not that the award recipients…Read More

The Fighter

Directed by David O. RussellScreenplay by Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric JohnsonStory by Tamasy, Johnson and Keith DorringtonThe Fighter isn't really about boxing any more than any genre movie that supersedes itstropes is about that genre. The familiar structure becomes a channel by which characterslive and breathe and something is said about the human…Read More

IFCs Top Ten of 2011

I love this website. Compulsive and well-researched lists are one of the things they do well.Check out the movies they're looking forward to in the year ahead here. And then have a gander at their picks of the best on-screen sex.Read More