The Madones trailer: Nova Scotia feature opens February 16

A Nova Scotian feature is arriving soon in cinemas and the trailer drops here.

The Madones is written and directed by Barrie Dunn of Trailer Park Boys fame, starring Lenore Zann, Tara Doyle, and Lucy DeCoutere.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Madones are three sisters – Gladys, Stella and Rose Madone. Once a successful musical trio, they have since fallen into obscurity. As the story opens, Rose (Lucy DeCoutere), suffering from schizophrenia, is having a psychotic episode. Stella (Tara Doyle), who has been Rose’s caregiver for years, is at her wit’s end. Rose’s son, Maurice (T. Thomason) refuses to let his mother live with him. He has a girlfriend, Rita (Aria Publicover) and his own life to worry about. In the chaos, Stella’s ex-boyfriend, Adonis Aucoin (Mark A. Owen), shows up at her door having just been released from prison. He’s brought two others with him – his ex-cellmate Spencer ‘Dolls’ Dollimont (Bryden MacDonald), and Wayne (Hans Boggild), a banker, whom they’ve kidnapped as part of his get-rich quick scheme. When Gladys (Lenore Zann) arrives after 15 years of estrangement with the idea of a Madones’ reunion, a lifetime of resentment bursts forth in the film’s explosive climax.

Enjoy the trailer!

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