Lunenburg Doc Fest Review: Unsyncable

The Lunenburg Doc Fest runs from September 21 through the 28th, with a broad selection of quality documentary features. Click here to check out the program. 

Unsyncable | Written and Directed by Megan Wennberg 

Nova Scotia filmmaker Megan Wennberg’s carving out a career driven by curiosity — the best motivation for a documentary filmmaker — in works as different as Drag Kids, Murder In The Cove, and now Unsyncable. In this film she turns her camera on a group of senior-aged synchronized swimmers from across  North America — in California, Ontario, and New York. These are people — mostly women but a few men, too — who found a passion and community in synchro, whether they’ve been doing it all their lives or just gave it a try later on, and who maintain a surprisingly youthful vigour by stepping into the pool.

To see what these elders can do in the water, it’s easy to understand why they enjoy it. Wennberg gets a series of revealing interviews from them leading up to a national competition in Maine. While the film is ostensibly about this perhaps-unlikely sport that brings people together, it’s really telling the story of older people finding a way to stay active, creative, competitive, and connected to their peers.

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