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Podcast Episode 8 – Cameron

On the latest episode of the Basement Tapes, local rockers Cameron stop by to talk about their first full-length release Cameron. During the chat, Barb and Tori discuss the time it took to craft the album, living life as a musician and what it's like to be a female in the music industry. The cd… Read More

Craig Cardiff – The Carleton – 01.10.2016

While the party animals from Friday night were licking their wounds on a Saturday afternoon, some had the pleasure of an intimate acoustic show from the Ontario-based singer-songwriter Craig Cardiff. A rare all-ages show took place at the Carleton, that had a mixed crowd featuring a number of parents exposing their kids to a storyteller. Cardiff… Read More

Album Review // All Lit Up – Repartee

Writing and blogging about music is something I have done for the better part of two decades; there has been a vast array of music that is inherently disposable and I’ll rarely (if ever) return to. That is not the case with Newfoundland’s Repartee, a band I… Read More

Saving The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

Picture a coin; on one side of the coin we have representation for the artist and on the other side, the venue.  Just like every great combination these two seem to be inseparable, and if split, will cry out through the darkness for one another.  It's near impossible to find yourself out in a sociable… Read More