Show Shots & Thoughts // The Fabulously Rich @ The Carleton – 09.06.2022

For the uninitiated, The Fabulously Rich is a Tragically Hip Tribute band that hails from Prince Edward Island.  After an extended time away from Halifax, the band made their triumphant return on the stage at The Carleton for a two-night stint. Those tickets were snapped up quickly for fans who wished to revel again in these great songs that were left in the wake of Gord Downie’s passing in 2021. As a long-time fan of The Hip, I was incredibly skeptical about anyone taking on this massive song catalogue,  but it was only a handful of songs before I was convinced that the music was in great hands.

Since that first Fabulously Rich show, I try to catch the band whenever they are in town, as Dennis Ellsworth has found a way to channel the essence of Gord on stage.  Sure it’s easy to slap on a fedora and a denim jacket, but to foster a relationship with that mic stand and those mannerisms are the special flourishes that bring authenticity to Ellsworth’s performances with The Fabulously Rich.

If you’ve never been to a Fabulously Rich show, you have a unique opportunity to catch the band at the legendary Shore Club in Hubbards, a show that might even showcase some deeper Hip cuts than the band normally busts out during their marathon shows. Back in June, the band tempered their set a bit to better suit the room, as they are still getting their sea legs back after that long hiatus. Even though the set didn’t last 3 hours, and Dennis didn’t sweat through his shirt, it was a great night to hear the Fab Rich rip through an unreal set, and get to banter with the boisterous crowd.

Unfortunately, I have plans that are going to prevent me from attending this Friday night’s show at The Shore Club, but I know there are going to be more than a handful of Fabulously Rich regulars who will be making the trek down for the show.  If this is your first or fifteenth Fab Rich show, you owe it to yourself to snap up some tickets and make your way to Hubbards, I have a feeling it’s going to be a special night.

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