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The Bus Stop Theatre Co-Op is accepting applications for their inaugural Playwrights Unit. Starting in November, selected playwrights will attend a monthly meeting and begin writing a brand new play. Members will act as a dramaturgy hivemind for each other’s developing scripts, housing a creative space to connect with other playwrights on a consistent and focused… Read More

Freudian Slips @ Stages Festival

2b Theatre's Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel, by Michael MacKenzie and directed by Anthony Black, centres around a chance meeting between avant-garde novelist James Joyce (Tom Lute) and Doctor Sigmund Freud (Marcel Jeannin). The two are visiting the chapel with Joyce's pregnant wife Nora (Rebecca Parent) and Freudian sister-in-law Minna (Rosa Labordé).  A contemporary story-line intertwines with the historical… Read More

Post-Haste Presence: Zuppa Gets Intimate

Hello friendos, long time no Presence. I'm back with a Post-Haste taste of Zuppa Theatre's show How Small, How Far Away (a revised and revamped incarnation of the play formerly known as The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions). That’s post-haste – with all possible speed. These short q&a’s with artists are meant to promote their fast-approaching projects. I… Read More

plug in/plug out in the bus stop backyard

I was feeling conflicted about Angels & Heroes production of  girls! girls! girls!  before seeing it -- mega-intrigued by both script and set (back lot of the Bus Stop Theatre),  excited to see this constellation of actors working with director Richie Wilcox,  but I was also harboring a strange swirl of resistance and envy upon… Read More

Poste-Haste Presence: Shane Beehan at Solo-Icious

Are you eager to hear from another Solo-Icious artist? You're in luck; this is the second instalment of the Solo-Icious Poste-Haste Presence!  Following my (e-mail) chat with Andrew Jackson, is a quick q&a with bar-tending and cocktail expert Shane Beehan, head bartender at the soon to open Lot Six Bar (aka #shanethebartender of Field Guide fame).  Beehan will… Read More

Post-Haste Presence: Andrew Jackson at Solo-Icious

Hello theatre -- music -- sex-ed -- art fans! Welcome to another round of Post-Haste Presence!  That’s post-haste – with all possible speed. These are short q&a’s with artists to promote their fast-approaching  projects.  With the third incarnation of Solo-icious opening FRIDAY NIGHT, (which you can read more about here) I'm hoping to share with… Read More