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Mary Stewart, Chances Are I Like You, Indie

Originally posted at:  http://noisographyreviews.blogspot.ca/2013/03/reviewed-mary-stewart-chances-are-i.html Let me preface this review by saying that Chances Are I Like You is a fully competent album, loaded with nine sweet folk-pop tracks by a charming Nova Scotian chanteuse by the name of Mary Stewart.   She brings with her a solid resume of the acts she has had the pleasure… Read More

The Scoop Outs, Scoop Out, Indie

Jesse Messed - Guitars, vocals Ed Casual - Drums, vocals Ben Manual - Bass, vocals Named the Reader’s Choice for Best Band in the Coast’s 2013 Best of Halifax survey, this alt-folk rock trio known as The Scoop Outs hail from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Don’t be too quick to slap a “Darkside” label on these… Read More

Mike Trask – Jamboree II: 24 Cents – Indie

Somewhere along the way Mike Trask invested wisely in a Delorean, if you need proof you need not look any further than Jamboree II: 24 Cents. This is another recording of Trask's that demands it be played from a dusty turntable to ensure the maximum crackle and pop embellishments. In an (more…) Read More

Sampson, Ill-Mannered, Indie

Somewhere between Rich Terfy and Marshall Mathers lies Hafilax rapper Sampson. Elements of both aforementioned artists abound throughout the solo debut Ill-Mannered. Tracks such as “3 the Hard Way”, “Greatest Story Ever Denied” and “Venomous” just go to prove that this talented emcee is no joke, he’s here to stake his (more…) Read More

Savoury, Those Words Just Seem to Explain, Indie

Those Words Just Seem to Explain is the latest effort from Halifax four-piece Savoury (no relation), who at times bear a striking audible resemblance to the Northern Pikes on tracks such as “Come Undone”, and “Wait for It” and also invoke the Gin Blossoms in the way that front man Mark (more…) Read More

Club Stoic, Sticky EP, Indie

Club Stoic, Sticky EP, Indie Clocking in at under 24 minutes, Club Stoic’s Sticky EP is a brain melting affair. It’s a trippy electronic adventure through this hazy neon dreamworld which is infused with notes of Jazz and Ambient Electronica. “Light Pollution” feels like the dawn after a long twisted night, but (more…) Read More