Mike Trask – Jamboree II: 24 Cents – Indie


Somewhere along the way Mike Trask invested wisely in a Delorean, if you need proof you need not look any further than Jamboree II: 24 Cents. This is another recording of Trask’s that demands it be played from a dusty turntable to ensure the maximum crackle and pop embellishments. In an age where production is done digitally in an effort to buff out any imperfections. Jamboree II doesn’t bear any of those digital fingerprints, it feels old-timey and authentic as if it were from a time when it was just a musician in a booth with an instrument and a tale (hence the need for a Delorean). This is a delicate and engaging record that bears repeated listens, and tracks such as “The Way We Left It” and “The Problem Kid” will reel you back in time and again. –Trevor Savory

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