Album Review–Dark for Dark–All Dressed

With Halifax finally showing some signs of summer, Dark for Dark drops a new EP to give you all the tunes you need for every sunny afternoon this season.

Put your winter clothes away, kick off your shoes, put on your flower crown, and frolic in the grass to All Dressed. These three Haligonians draw from influences from the 60s flower power generation like The Monkees, and Shangri-Las. Six beautiful folk melodies come together to create a feeling of beauty and warmth. Their beautiful three-piece harmonies will make you want to close your eyes and feel every single ray of sunlight that touches your face.

Since their debut album, Warboats, in 2013, the ladies who make up Dark for Dark have been busy with a number of other musical endeavors (Wet Denim, Escape Tapes, The Heavy Blinkers, Prospector’s Union, and Dance Movie).  Luckily, we all have the pleasure of them getting back together to give us this beautiful piece of artistry.

You can find Dark for Dark at their bandcamp here and see them on tour.

They’ll be in Halifax on July 22 at the Bus Stop Theatre.

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I'm a Cape Bretoner pretending to be city folk. I like my music loud, my beer cold, and my denim on denim.