Savoury, Those Words Just Seem to Explain, Indie

Those Words Just Seem to Explain is the latest effort from Halifax four-piece Savoury (no relation), who at times bear a striking audible resemblance to the Northern Pikes on tracks such as “Come Undone”, and “Wait for It” and also invoke the Gin Blossoms in the way that front man Mark Savoury delivers “Break Me”. One of the standout tracks here is “Pickin’ Up the Pieces”, which is a track that should be in regular rotation on rock radio, the harmonies evoke an early Wide Mouth Mason vibe. That being said for a band named Savoury, the album as a whole is bland and fails to truly engage the aural palette. In listening to the disc, the sound feels thin in the way that either it is heavy on the treble, or thin on the low end (lacking in bass). This ultimately ends up detracting and distracting from the well crafted tunes.

While I didn’t love the album, I would certainly give Savoury another chance at the album launch party on November 25th, 2012 @ the Carleton. The live experience can sometimes give an entirely different perspective on the material. If you’re in the area, you should check it out.

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