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Mike Trask, Jamboree, Indie

Bearly’s mainstay Mike Trask opted to step away from his usual partners in crime Mudhill to record his solo-debut Jamboree.For this album he opted to strip away everything, to create an album with DIY appeal. While this is a passion project (see the handmade packaging), one has to wonder (more…) Read More

Brite Vu, Restarted, Indie, Local

Fans of the Halifax Mooseheads will already be familiar with Brite Vu’s material, as “Electric Avenue” and “One Foot” have beenfeatured in Eastlink’s promos during their recent playoff run. Both tracks appear on Restarted (the second full-length release from Halifax based Brite Vu). Fans of bands such as (more…) Read More

Jim Henman, Same Old Feeling, Indie

Same Old Feeling is not flashy or over produced, it is an album that will quickly put a smile on your face, as itharkensback to a time before the recording industry wrung out the heart and integrity in favor of payola. Jim Henman (founding member ofAprilWine)has recorded an album that (more…) Read More

We`re Doomed, Like a Machine EP, Indie

Fresh off of their summer stint on the Vans Warped Tour, progressive rockers We’re Doomed have unleashed their debut EP Like a Machine. The EP is an aural onslaught of technical guitar wizardry and an unrelenting percussive backbone. Over the course of the 5 tracks, they blend into each other without (more…) Read More

Quake, The Myth, IV League, Indie

With the current wave of hip-hop that has been oozing up from the new generation of rappers, it’s refreshing to see an emcee who hasn’t reached the age of 25 drop an album such as The Myth. It’s as much a throwback as it is a contemporary release. Quake (more…) Read More

The Sheepdogs, Learn and Burn, Indie

Learn and Burn is the latest release from Saskatoon four-piece The Sheepdogs, it is a slice of pure nostalgiathatharkens back to 60’s and 70’s era AM rock radio. Some bands try to achieve the same retro aesthetic and it feels forced and pretentious, butfrom the moment the play button has been (more…) Read More

Ghettosocks, Get Some Friends, Indie

Ghettosocks is far from a novelty, he’s the real deal, an emcee with an ear for Old-School tearing up anyone or anything that gets in front of him. He takes hip-hop back to the streets and makes it fun again. Get Some Friends is pure ear candy, it throws the (more…) Read More

King Konqueror, Fist Magnet, Indie

King Konqueror has built a loyal following for itself from Halifax to Toronto on the backs of the furious live performances and relentless schedule that they tend to endure. Somehow KK has managed to hit the studio and has squeezed out Fist Magnet, theirlatestindependentrelease. The great thing about King (more…) Read More

Ambition and Uncle Fester, K.R.E.A.M., Indie

With a Hip-Hop scene that already includes heavy-hitters such as Classified, Ghettosocks, Buck 65 and Skratch Bastid, the Atlantic Canadian scene better be ready to make way for Ambition the soft spoken emcee who carries a big mic. Ambition tears upthestagewith his tight imposing flow everytime he steps to the (more…) Read More

Hooded Fang, Hooded Fang Album, Indie

Hooded Fang Album is a slice of hipster-heaven from the Toronto-based seven piece collective Hooded Fang (and their laundry list of guest players). While the band itself is very capable of hitting the studio and cranking out an album that comes loadedwithpraisefrom some trusted critics, it just fails to reach out (more…) Read More