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Toscana review — Undercooked in Italy

Directed by Mehdi Avaz | Written by Avaz and Nikolaj Scherfig | 90 min | ▲▲△△△ | Netflix 22 years ago Danish dogme director Lone Scherfig brought to the world the charming romantic drama Italian For Beginners, which romanticized Italy all out of proportion from a Scandinavian perspective. It was a charmer, though. Now we… Read More

Metal Lords review — Bang your head!

Directed by Peter Sollett | Written by DB Weiss | 97 min | ▲▲▲△△| Netflix  Well, for a movie that's all about teenagers wanting to be more "metal," Metal Lords is not very metal. This is a straight-ahead teen dramedy about a couple of kids who want to be hardcore rockers and, thus, be the… Read More